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Issue 1
November 2011

Civic Activism

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Civic Activism Every Day

Kanachastan highlights the role of civic activism and believes in the solution of issues through raising public awareness, capacity building of civic society and governmental entities as well as amendments in the legislative field. The organization cooperates with local and international institutions and individuals to promote civic activism in Armenia by implementing international best practices and consolidating resources. Here are some accomplishments that Kanchastan has already initiated and accomplished.

Within the framework of program priorities the organization plans and organizes different events and campaigns for eliminating smoking in public spaces, expanding public parks, improving the system of waste management, defending customer rights, preventing air and water pollution in urban areas, reducing noise,  promoting healthy lifestyle and for solving  many other issues.

Enforcing the act of ban on smoking in public places is one of the initiatives of Kanachastan, which promotes civic activism. Kanachastan has already organized two campaigns this year to stimulate smoke-free environment in cafes, bars, restaurants, as well as in public transport. During the campaigns 200 volunteers joined Kanachastan. They awarded certificates of gratitude to those non-smoking establishments (550 means of transport, 37 cafes, bars and restaurants) that took care of people’s health (www.nosmoking.kanachastan.am). In the coming months, anti-smoking public service announcements (PSA) will be developed and shared through mass media and social networks; these will call for both awareness and action to prevent environmental pollution. In October the organization and RA Police plan to organize audits in educational, cultural and health establishments to monitor law enforcement. These events are couple with programs directed to the legislative field and anti-smoking state policy, which will contribute to the establishment of a more favorable environment.

Kanachastan actively fosters volunteerism as an important element of civic activism for achieving lasting social changes. By involving the public and especially the youth in grassroots campaigns, Kanachastan tries to raise the level of public awareness in the field of environmental protection and imminent issues.

The activists of the organization implant elements of civic activism in the philosophy of entertaining events as well. Since 2009 Kanachastan has been organizing Winter Festival Armenia project. During the Winter Fest Kanachastan unites a variety of companies and individuals. The project establishes a new tradition of more colorful winter celebration. The event also helps people realize that it is possible to celebrate New Year without a natural New Year tree. Within the framework of the festival a contest of environmentally friendly New Year trees is held: trees made of recycled materials are presented at an exhibition.  In addition, this project also promotes winter tourism in Armenia.

Kanachastan welcomes the activism and suggestions of its counterparts, supporters and readers. We invite you to the discussion on promoting bicycle riding, reviving urban culture (e.g. remote citizen project), designing and painting the arches in the city, improving public parks and reconsidering the usage of public spaces. These projects are to be implemented in the near future. It will be possible to achieve results and to improve quality of life with the involvement of active society and the youth in particular. Acai 60 caps

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